Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 Modded for ICS & JB

Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 is a update of Sony's famous image processing engine. With many improved features to get your phone to entirely new level of image processing. With following features to enhance your viewing experience.
The advanced contrast enhancer brings out the details in your videos and pictures

In Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2, the contrast enhancement algorithm has been updated compared to the previous version, to optimise the contrast of every scene by analysing the distribution of luminance in each frame. It reproduces true blacks while faithfully recreating all the subtle gradations. This will give your images and videos more dynamics and better perceived details, which make the scenes come alive.

  • Installation
1. Open build.prop and insert these lines in the bottom :
2. Download BE2 Zip. (click here)
3. Enjoy the differences !


1. Sony - The original files
2. XDA-Developers > Forum and tutorials
3. Till-Kruspe > The original files for Xperia Phone
4. F4uzan - Modifying the BE2 File, and distributing it.

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